Michigan Remembers 9‑11

Sandra Lee Wright, 57; born in Detroit, Michigan and lived in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.  Sandra worked for Aon Corporation.  She is survived by her husband, daughter, and her first grandchild.  

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 11, 2001

Growing up in Bucks County, Pa., Sandra Wright was the oldest girl among nine children and the biggest adventurer. When divorce left her to raise her own daughter alone in New Jersey, she did it with gusto.

“We drove across the country in a camper when I was just a little tot,” recalled her daughter, Shelli, who gave birth to her mother’s only grandchild three months ago. “We went to Paris, skiing in Europe. Most of her family never went into New York.”

In 1992, mother and daughter both worked in Rockefeller Center, reveling in the glamour of pedicure lunch hours and “window shopping in the stores we couldn’t afford.” When Shelli went to college, though, her mother moved from New Jersey back to her hometown of Langhorne, Pa., where her family gathers 150 strong every holiday. A year and a half ago she was married there to Steven Cartledge, a man she met at a church dance.

Ms. Wright, 57, had a round-trip commute of four hours between Langhorne and Aon in the World Trade Center. “She never complained about it,” her daughter said, “because she loved New York City and she loved her family, and she got to have both.”